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KCNC - TI PRO LITE BLACK seatpost...
KCNC - TI PRO LITE BLACK seatpost...
KCNC - TI PRO LITE BLACK seatpost...

KCNC - TI PRO LITE BLACK seatpost from 160g

Tube material: Scandium T7
Seatholder material: 7075 Pin with 7075
Finished: Black anodized
Screws: M5x35mm and M5x45mm/ 64Ti
Size: 27.2, 30.9, 31.6mm
Lenght: 400mm
Rider weight limit: 100kg (road use), 80kg (mountain bike use)

Weight: 160g (27.2x400mm), 162g (30.9x400mm), 169g (31.6x400mm)

  • Black
  • 27.2mm
  • 30.9mm
  • 31.6mm
  • 400mm
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Model Code
Ti Pro Lite, 27.2mm/400mm. Black SP6-272-400-R7-BK
Ti Pro Lite, 27.2mm/400mm. Blue SP6-272-400-R7-BL
Ti Pro Lite, 27.2mm/400mm. Gold SP6-272-400-R7-G
Ti Pro Lite, 27.2mm/400mm. Red SP6-272-400-R7-R
Ti Pro Lite, 27.2mm/400mm. Silver SP6-272-400-R7-S
Ti Pro Lite, 30.9mm/400mm. Black SP6-309-400-R7-BK
Ti Pro Lite, 30.9mm/400mm. Blue SP6-309-400-R7-BL
Ti Pro Lite, 30.9mm/400mm. Gold SP6-309-400-R7-G
Ti Pro Lite, 30.9mm/400mm. Red SP6-309-400-R7-R
Ti Pro Lite, 30.9mm/400mm. Silver SP6-309-400-R7-S
Ti Pro Lite, 31.6mm/400mm. Black SP6-316-400-R7-BK
Ti Pro Lite, 31.6mm/400mm. Blue SP6-316-400-R7-BL
Ti Pro Lite, 31.6mm/400mm. Gold SP6-316-400-R7-G
Ti Pro Lite, 31.6mm/400mm. Red SP6-316-400-R7-R
Ti Pro Lite, 31.6mm/400mm. Silver SP6-316-400-R7-S

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