Reduced price! New Sprayke - Recharge SUPER CLEANER multipurpose degreasing detergent 750ml

Sprayke - Recharge SUPER CLEANER multipurpose degreasing detergent 750ml




Recharge Super Cleaner degreasing detergent for cleaning the whole bike.
Practical and quick to thoroughly clean stubborn dirt, dust, grease and grease.
Super Cleaner is biodegradable and environmentally friendly
Designed without petroleum solvents, compatible with hard but delicate surfaces such as Carbon, plastics, rubbers
It does not attack the paint, anodizing and mechanical parts.
Makes the treated surfaces brilliant.
It does not corrode and does not scratch, it cleans effortlessly.


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Base: Mixture of detergents and degreasers.
Appearance: Amber transparent liquid
Odor: fragrant
pH: alkaline
Viscosity: fluid
Biodegradability: above 80%

Wet with water and then spray Super Cleaner on all surfaces, leave for a few seconds and rinse thoroughly with water.
On the most stubborn dirt (transmission unit and chain) help yourself with the mechanical action of the special plastic bristle brush.
Quick and effective cleaning action.
Not dangerous for the environment and for the user.

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