Reduced price! Effetto Mariposa - Caffélatex Tubeless Tape size M 25mm x 8m

Effetto Mariposa - Caffélatex Tubeless Tape size M 25mm x 8m

Effetto Mariposa



Replacing standard rim-tape, Caffélatex Tubeless Tape perfectly adapts to rim internal profile and makes standard rims air-tight, sealing spoke holes.

It allows tubeless conversion of most standard mountain bike wheels, using Tubeless, Tubeless-Ready, 2Bliss or TNT (Tube No Tube) tyres and Caffélatex sealant.

Size M 25mm

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KitSizeThree different widths are available:
> S: for rims with external width between 20 and 24 mm;
> M: for rims with external width between 25 and 29 mm;
> L: for rims with external width between 30 and 34 mm.

Sizes: 20,5 mm/8 m (S), 25 mm/8 m (M),  29 mm/8 m (L), 20,5 mm/50 m (S Shop), 25 mm/50 m (M Shop), 29 mm/50 m (L Shop)


Made of polyester: the best material for technical tapes, with very high mechanical properties.
Stable: it easily conforms to rim shapes and has low memory (it doesn’t ‘spring back’ once put down in the rim channel).

Adhesive strength: state-of-the-art. The adhesive can in fact stick to silicone-treated paper and is much more tolerant to less-than-perfect rim cleaning before tape application.

Smaller core: 1 inch instead of 3 inch-diameter cores of most tapes, to save space and to make it easier to tension it while taping the rim (inserting the thumb inside the core, it happens very naturally).

Sealed: to preserve the tape properties and to underline its “technical product” status, each tape is now contained into a re-sealable bag.

All our products, it’s made in Italy.


  • Before gluing Caffélatex Tubeless Tape inside the rim, carefully clean the rim-bed, removing any trace of grease or lubricant (use alcohol or other de-greaser, then - VERY IMPORTANT – clean carefully with a clean, dry cloth. Adhesion on dried-up alcohol is difficult);
  • Use a sharp spike or a screwdriver to make a round hole in Caffélatex Tubeless Tape at the valve hole. AVOID using a cutter knife and doing an “X” cut, that would prevent proper air-tightness at the valve base.

Codice prodotto: EMCHCTPM
EAN barcode: 7640164680170

Puncture and Sealants

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