WR COMPOSITI - Maranello Luxury saddle wrapped genuine leather full carbon 138g

WR COMPOSITI - Luxury saddle wrapped genuine leather full carbon from 138g

WR Compositi


Wr Compositi carbon fiber saddle wrapped in genuine leather,
available in 3 width measurments (130, 135, 145mm),
and 2 Memory cushioning thicknesses (L-H).
100% made in Italy

Weight: from 138g (+/- 5%)

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€ 315,57

This product was projected with 3 key features:
- Confort for any user's anatomy.
- Lightweight and resistancy for any use.
- Aesthetics: the saddle must be both good looking and confortable!
The confort is GRANTED by the 3 measurments of the carbon hull an by the 2 heights of the padding.
the padding is made by a special MEMORY espanso that Saddlery made by supercar-specialized Italian artisans,
WR COMPOSITI's 25 years of carbon fiber parts production, ALWAYS COMPLETELY Made in Italy, will grant you the purchase of a unique saddle.

Your saddle can be renewd completely from time to time if you wish so, by substituting the top side (carbon support with wrapped Memory) different colors are aviable.

Dimensions130 x 265mm - 135 x 265mm - 145 x 265mm
Saddle ShellT8000
Saddle RailsT8000
Rider Weight Limit85kg
UseRoad racing/ MTB racing
Weight138g +/- 5%


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