Reduced price! DRC Climber XXL 29ER / Yuniper ultralight SP aluminium wheelset from 1.335g

DRC Climber XXL EVO 29ER / Yuniper ultralight SP aluminium MTB wheelset from 1.335g



Benchmark for performance, weight and durability!

Rims: DRC Climber XXL EVO 29er, internal width 25mm, 400g
Hubs YUNIPER R3CØRD SP: 102g (116g Lefty 2.0) + 208g
Spokes: Alpina Blade SuperLite or Blade HyperLite
Nipples: Pillar DSN ergal
Number of spokes: 28/28

Wheelset weight:
- 1.335g (Blade HL spokes)
- 1.385g (Blade SL spokes)

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In stock

  • Shimano/Sram 10/11s
  • Alpina Blade SuperLite
  • Alpina Blade HyperLite
  • QR9 (quick release)
  • QR15 (through axle 15x100mm)
  • QR-135mm (quick release)
  • X12x142mm (through axle 12mm)

€ 564,75

€ 745,08


Product Options
Shimano/Sram 10/11s
Sram XD (XX1)
Alpina Blade SuperLite
Alpina Blade HyperLite
[Add € 75,70]
QR9 (quick release)
QR15 (through axle 15x100mm)
Boost 15/110mm
QR-135mm (quick release)
X12x142mm (through axle 12mm)
Boost 12x148mm
Acid green

Rim features:
DRC Climber XXL EVO 29er
The Climber XC is built for cross country.
D-Center Technology: the asymmetric design allows to remarkably reduce the spoke tension difference between the two sides of the wheel, with a big advantage of lateral stiffness and stability.
The special inner profile makes the rim easily tubeless convertible using specific valves and tape, not included in the sales kit.
Matt black anodized aluminium 6082 T6
Aeronautic Surface Treatment (AST) eliminates surface tensions of the material, increasing the resistance.
Tubeless ready
Black stainless eyelets
Height: 16mm
Width: 27.5mm
Internal width: 25mm
Number of spokes: 28
Weight: 400g

Hubs features:
YUNIPER R3CØRD SP (Straight Pull)
Difficult internal structure and sophisitcated milling-jobs on the outside structure were necessary to finalize these hubs. The hub-body is oversized and at the same time very light. The spoke holes are drilled with 3D angles in order to give the spokes a direction for 3.5 X lacing. We offer various conversion-kits to make the hubs compatible to fit to all major standards.
The hub body is made from forged 7075 T6 material - just a few manufacturers forge the hubshells with this material in order to get the maximum strengh out of the hubshell.
All other hub parts, such as the axles, the freewheel body and the sidecaps are made from 7075 T6 material as well.
The front and the rear axle have a diameter of 17mm at the bearing seats. Weight reductions were realized by removing axle material on the outside structure where it is not needed.
Another feature of our hubs are the anodized axles, which prevent from oxidation and corrosion.
The freewheelbody has 3 pawls, the gear-ring has 24 teeth. This configuration ensures a hub drive system which lasts. 24 engagements is a reliable choice which will still work after a certain usage, even the teeth and the gear-ring show a little bit wear. Other manufacturers strive for excessive engagement points. Due to the micro structure of the gear-ring and pawls, these systems tend to wear out quite fast and fail to work even just a little bit of water gets into the hub.
R3CØRD Front radial side radial rays available in QR9 quick release, QR15 through axle versions, Boost 15x110mm, Lefty 2.0/SuperMax (crossed beams on both sides)
Rear available in QR-135mm quick release, X12-142mm or Boost 12x148mm through axe versions
Made in ergal 7075
Internationl Standard 6 holes rotor fixing
Nitro sealed bearings: 2 front, 4 rear
The black surface treatment on the Yuniper NITRO-bearings makes them less prone to rust. Improved seales reduce the probability of water and humidity getting into the bearing.
Furthermore, we used a high end grease which protects the inner structure of the bearing and assures a very good lubrication. Internal clearances and accuracy classes are no foreign words to us.
Ergal cassette body, with 3 pawls with engagement
Colour: black
Weight: 102g (116g Lefty 2.0) + 208g

Spokes features:
Made in Italy by Alpina
Made with AISI 302 stainless steel through cold forging process.
Section: 2.0-0.9/2.2-2.0mm (bladed section is 0.9 x 2.2mm)
offer a significant weight saving with no loss of resistance, stiffness of the wheel and durability of the spokes
Section: 2.0-0.9/1.6-2.0mm (bladed section is 0.9 x 1.6mm)
Black colour

Every wheelset is supplied with 3 spare spokes/nipples
Nipples: Pillar DSN ergal acid green, black, blue, gold, green or red
Not supplied with quick releases

Our wheels are built by hand in house by highly specialized personnel.
The Bikeonline staff uses the best professional tools on the market into each step of the wheelbuilding process. The P&K Lie truing stand is one example, it allows us to check perfect truing through precise decimal comparators (0.1 millimeters accuracy).
We build most of the tools we use, to fit the level of our builds, which require a high accuracy.
The use of different tensiometers as Park Tool, Pillar and DT Swiss allows us to reach the correct tensions of every spokes.
Each wheel is pre-stressed by hand to ensure that nothing has been settling during the early stages of use and that the spoke tension remains constant for a long time even under very high loads.

WHEELSET WEIGHT1.30 kg - 1.40 kg
RIM TYPETubeless ready


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