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Sprayke - Value kit Lube 1 - Super...
Sprayke - Value kit Lube 1 - Super...

Sprayke - Value kit Lube 1 - Super cleaner - Latex 1

The Sprayke Value kit contains:

1x LUBE 1 high performance lubricant for all conditions of use.

1x SUPER CLEANER degreasing detergent for cleaning the whole bike.

1x LATEX 1 is a sealant for tubeless, tubeless ready and tubular tires.

1x Black backpack


> LUBE 1 is a high performance lubricant for all conditions of use.
Ideal for running and mountain biking.
Solvent free.
Contains P.T.F.E. which lubricates under strong friction.
Protective and water-repellent for all treated parts. Increases the smoothness of the components
treated and reduces noise, clean, colorless lubrication, does not attract dirt.

It does not attract dust.
Suitable for dry and wet conditions.



Base: lubricating polymers with added PTFE
Application temperature: +5 °C / +45 °C
Appearance: white liquid
Odor: odorless
pH: 6-8

Before use, clean the chain to remove dirt, oil and other residues.
Shake the bottle well before use.
Carefully apply inside the chain and make sure you have covered the whole
Allow the excess to penetrate and remove with a cloth.

- It does not contain solvents
- Not inflammable
- Does not dirty and does not attract dust
- No Spray
- Contains P.T.F.E. and waxes
- Highly lubricating

>Super Cleaner degreasing detergent for cleaning the whole bike.
Practical and quick to thoroughly clean stubborn dirt, dust, grease and grease.
Super Cleaner is biodegradable and environmentally friendly
Designed without petroleum solvents, compatible with hard but delicate surfaces such as Carbon, plastics, rubbers
It does not attack the paint, anodizing and mechanical parts.
Makes the treated surfaces brilliant.
It does not corrode and does not scratch, it cleans effortlessly.


Base: Mixture of detergents and degreasers.
Appearance: Amber transparent liquid
Odor: fragrant
pH: alkaline
Viscosity: fluid
Biodegradability: above 80%

Wet with water and then spray Super Cleaner on all surfaces, leave for a few seconds and rinse thoroughly with water.
On the most stubborn dirt (transmission unit and chain) help yourself with the mechanical action of the special plastic bristle brush.
Quick and effective cleaning action.
Not dangerous for the environment and for the user.

> Latex 1 is a sealant for tubeless, tubeless ready and tubular tires.
When shaken it turns into active foam.
In case of drilling LATEX 1 passes through the hole and polymerizes, sealing it quickly and quickly.
Latex 1 does not contain ammonia.


Appearance: white liquid
Odor: characteristic
pH: 12

Insert the correct quantity of LATEX 1
50 ml for road or MTB tires 29x2.00;
100 ml for tires larger than 29x2.00.

Inflate the tire immediately after inserting the product keeping the valve in a horizontal position, thus preventing the valve from blocking.
Close the valve after inflation and turn the wheel for a few seconds in all directions.
Check the state of LATEX 1 every two months or so by checking that it is still liquid and
thus maintains its preventive action against punctures.
Do not mix with other latexes.
Store at a temperature between 5 °C and 30 °C.

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