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Sprayke - Foam pump 1500 ml

Sprayke - Foam pump 1500 ml

Sprayke - Foam pump

To be combined with our SUPER CLEANER
For all types of bicycles
Optimize the use of the detergent
It allows the dilution of the product
Forms an active foam

Capacity: 1500ml

Weight: 475g

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Sprayke Foam Pump

Instructions for use
1) Fill the container with the liquid to be dispensed up to 1.5 L

2) Insert and screw the head to the bottle. Tighten all the way in
decisive way.

3) Pump until you hear the valve bleed air: to obtain a
best result, always carry out this operation before dispensing.
If the liquid does not reach the maximum level, marked by the line on the bottle, a higher number is required
of pumping.

4) Dispense the liquid in foamy form at a distance of 50/70 cm
from the point to be treated. The fan nozzle of the pump does not require

5) Always release the pressure, using the safety valve, before unscrewing the head.

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