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HSC CERAMIC bearing kit for DT Swiss 180 Mtb...
HSC CERAMIC bearing kit for DT Swiss 180 Mtb...
HSC CERAMIC bearing kit for DT Swiss 180 Mtb 2020+ front hub
HSC CERAMIC bearing kit for DT Swiss 180 Mtb 2020+ front hub

HSC CERAMIC bearing kit for DT Swiss 180 Mtb 2020+ front hub

Hybrid HSC Ceramic Bearings Kit (ceramic balls, steel races) for DT Swiss 180 Mtb 2020+ front hub.
Compatible with the following models:
- DT Swiss 180 Mtb Spline Disc Brake CL front hub

The kit includes all bearings of the hub body.

Why choose HSC Ceramic bearings?

- Good durability
- Low rolling resistance
- Medium impact resistance
- Medium resistance to humid environments
- Best choice for the best race performance
- Weight saving of about 1/2 grams compared to an Abec 5 carbon chrome steel

- More delicate installation
- Greater sensitivity to stagnant water and dirt inside the hubs / frames

Look at the Bikeonline guide to choose the most suitable bearings for your ride.

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This pack contains



HSC make some of the smoothest bearings available. HSC ceramic bearings are grade 3 silicon nitride (Si3N4) balls, matched with hardened steel races, and low-friction seals and retainers.
The grade of the ball bearings refers to their sphericity; the lower the number, the closer the ball is to being perfectly spherical.
The highest quality stainless steel ball used in bicycle applications is rated at grade 25, and many ceramic hybrid manufacturers use grade 5 ceramic balls.
Advantages over standard steel bearings are lighter weight, lower thermal expansion, less deformation under load, lower friction with reduced start and running torques, and reduced wear for longer life.
Ceramic bearings allow you to cycle faster and for longer, with reduced effort.

- 3-5 times longer lifetime than steel bearings
- 5-9 watts energy saving with the wheel ceramic bearing upgrade
- Grade 3 Si3N4 ceramic balls - 8 times rounder and 4 times smoother than steel balls
- ABEC 5 - mirror polished alloy steel bearing races lead to extremely lower friction
- C3 clearance - less vibration and smoother riding
- High performance Kluber grease

The HSC Ceramic  ABEC 5 bearings have ceramic balls and steel races.

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Si3N4 balls are made from pure Silicon Nitride material with extreme high density from uniform compaction, the micro-structural development of this material during manufacturing is second to none. These high precision grade 5, Si3n4 pure ceramic balls are 5/1,000,000″ from exactly round in sphericity, 60% lighter weight, and 7 times harder than steel.
The balls are Grade 3, Silicon Nitride (Si3n4).  These are the roundest balls you can buy without a military license.

52100 High carbon Chromium Alloy Races with Cryogenic Treatment:
Cryogenic treatment takes the races down to minus three hundred degree Fahrenheit to normalize the crystalline structure of the material so the races will resist the hardness of the ceramic balls and get the maximum wear potential.
The races are treated with a black oxide coating, which helps prevent rusting in the bearing. The races are then reground to a mirror finish after this treatment. Finally, they are cryogenically treated for strength before assembly.

We use Silicone VV seals, which is the lightest drag seal available on the market. VV Seals: two NBR 70 rubber seals with non-contact type seal, which rides in a matching groove machined into the bearing.

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DT Swiss - 180 SP Center Lock F Front
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