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Due to the emergency situation linked to COVID-19 in some areas of Italy delivery times may be longer.
New products
  • Schwalbe - RACING RALPH Classic-Skin SnakeSkin TL-Easy Addix Speed 29x2.25" 649g

    RACING RALPH SnakeSkin TL-Easy Addix Speed 29x2.25"Addix Speed ​​is the compound for XC Race specialists.A new monofilament fabric on the sides offers three advantages over the previous SnakeSkin fabric Type: FoldingMix: Addix SpeedVersion: SnakeSkin, TL EasyColor: BlackSkin: SnakeEPI: 67Profile: HS438Pressure: 1.80 - 3.70 Bar (26 - 54 psi) Weight: 649g...

    € 35,16 € 47,46 -25.9067%
  • Sram - XG-1299 Eagle™ Rainbow Cassette 10-50T 12v 365g

    SRAM’s cassette manufacturing technology provides the greatest durability and lightest weightAll-new shifting features create a smoother, quieter system with enhanced inboard and outboard shift performanceXD™ driver body compatible10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-50TColour: Rainbow Weight: 365g

    € 302,46 € 374,59 -19.256%
  • Sram - XX1 Eagle AXS Rainbow 12s Chain 250g

    Technology highlight(s) flowlink™, powerlock®, x-sync™Compatible gears eagle™ 10-50t cassette onlyClosing link eagle™ powerlock® pvdOuter plate nickelInner plate chrome platedPin treatment chrome hardened, hollow pin™Recommended group xx1 eagle™, x01 eagle™Speeds 12Chain length 126 linksColor: Silver Weight: 250g

    € 52,38 € 73,77 -29%
  • Slime - Slime Tube Sealant 177ml (6 oz) suitable for all inner tubes

    The 177 ml (6 oz) Slime sealant is suitable for all inner tubes.It forms an internal film that through the centrifugal force of the wheel adheres to the walls of the inner tube and acts against the most frequent punctures, helping to prevent and repair punctures up to 3 mm using Fibro-Seal technology.The liquid remains in the tire, is not toxic, dangerous...

    € 4,84 € 5,33 -9.2308%
  • Sprayke - PK SMART multipurpose releasing lubricant 400ml

    PK is a multipurpose lubricant release spray:Unblocking, penetrating for nuts, screws, bolts, jammed mechanisms and dissolves rust Rust protection for metal surfaces, therefore prevents the formation of rust by creating a thin film Flux for electrical and electronic contacts. Reactivate the oxidized electrical contacts. Water repellent: eliminates...

    € 6,15 € 8,20 -25%
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  • Sprayke - SPECIAL LUBE Lubricant for spray chains with PTFE 200ml

    SPECIAL LUBE lubricant Silicone spray, particularly suitable for lubricating: chains, gears, transmissions, transmissions, pedals, bottom brackets, bearings, headset and all the mechanical parts of your bike.Protective and water-repellent for all treated parts.Particularly smooth, it contains P.T.F.E.Clean, colorless lubrication, does not attract...

    € 4,92 € 6,56 -25%
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  • Sprayke - TESSUSIL waterproof and water-repellent for fabrics 400ml

    This particular silicone has the ability to condense on the textile and leather fibers by reacting with the hydroxyl and / or amino groups of the fibers with the aid of a catalyst already present in TESSUSIL.This reactive siloxane sticks stably to the fibers giving the water repellency characteristic of thesilicones, making the treated material waterproof...

    € 6,15 € 8,20 -25%
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  • Sprayke - PULISUPER mild foaming cleanser without water 400ml

    PULISUPER mild foaming detergent to clean, polish and protect the framesIdeal for cleaning bicycle frames in carbon, aluminum, steel or titanium, chromed metal, painted steel.Its composition allows not only to clean the bicycle but also to protect it from atmospheric agents, mineral salts.It does not affect the treated materials, does not leave streaks.It...

    € 5,84 € 7,79 -25%
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  • Sprayke - SUPER CLEANER multipurpose degreasing detergent 750ml

    Super Cleaner degreasing detergent for cleaning the whole bike.Practical and quick to thoroughly clean stubborn dirt, dust, grease and grease.Super Cleaner is biodegradable and environmentally friendlyDesigned without petroleum solvents, compatible with hard but delicate surfaces such as Carbon, plastics, rubbersIt does not attack the paint, anodizing and...

    € 5,90 € 7,87 -25%
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  • Sprayke - PULISIL deoxidizer cleaner for electric contacts E-Bike 200ml

    PULISIL is cleaner, detergent and protective for E-bike electronic electrical contacts.It has a good penetrating power and a low surface tension, it is able to dissolve and remove dirt.It can be used for cleaning sensors, potentiometers etc.It leaves a lubricating and protective film against oxidation.It does not affect plastic materials, does not conduct...

    € 6,15 € 8,20 -25%
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  • Sprayke - Pulifren brake cleaner dissolves any type of dirt or fouling 500ml

    Bike brake cleaner based on fast evaporating solvents.Specially formulated to clean: brake discs, pads, rims and braking tracks.Removes grease, grease, dust and mud residues.Recondition the surface of the pads, avoiding their crystallization and sudden wear.Water repellent, after washing, eliminates detergent residues and residual humidity.It does not...

    € 5,99 € 7,99 -25%
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  • Sprayke - SILTEL Water-repellent protective polish for frames 200ml

    Siltel Polishing, protective, water-repellent siltel for bike frames.Suitable for racing bike frames, mountain bikes and E-bikes.Forms a protective film from the corrosion of atmospheric agents, from substancesacids present in sweat and rain.It also protects parts in rubber, plastic, gaskets.It keeps color and chrome bright over time.Prevents dirt and mud...

    € 4,92 € 6,56 -25%
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  • Sprayke - LUBRICAT spray lubricant with PFTE for chain 200ml

    LUBRICAT lubricant with P.T.F.E. high quality for racing bike, mountain bike, city-bike and e-bike chains and chainrings.Quickly penetrates the links and pins of the chain, lubricated and avoids seizing.Long durationIt does not attract dirt.It does not contain solvents.It protects the chain from corrosion.Long durationIt does not attract dirtIt does not...

    € 4,00 € 5,33 -25%
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  • Sprayke - LATEX 1 Sealant for tubeless tires 1000ml

    Latex 1 is a sealant for tubeless, tubeless ready and tubular tires.When shaken it turns into active foam.In case of drilling LATEX 1 passes through the hole and polymerizes, sealing it quickly and quickly.Latex 1 does not contain ammonia. 1000ml

    € 13,52 € 18,03 -25%
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  • Sprayke - LUBE 1 high performance lubricant for Chain 100ml

    LUBE 1 is a high performance lubricant for all conditions of use.Ideal for running and mountain biking.Solvent free.Contains P.T.F.E. which lubricates under strong friction.Protective and water-repellent for all treated parts. Increases the smoothness of the componentstreated and reduces noise, clean, colorless lubrication, does not attract dirt.It does...

    € 5,90 € 7,87 -25%
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  • Stronglight - CT2 Chainring 10/11 Speed 110 mm 36T 43g

    Hard wearing chainrings from Stronglight.  These CT2 chainrings use a Teflon impregnated ceramic coating to ensure a long life and smoother ride.  5-Arm x 110 mm bcdCompatibility: 10/11 Speed Shimano/SRAMMaterial: CNC machined 7075 T6 alloyCoating: CERAMIC top layer impregnated with TEFLON®Colour: Matt black36T Weight: 43g

    € 28,61 € 61,48 -53.4667%
  • Stronglight - Road Type 5083 "S" 110 mm Compact 50T 10/11 Speed 86.6g

    Features: chainring set 50Material: Aluminium 5083Construction: hyper accurate cncCompatible: Road compact standard 110mm BCD10/11 Speed Weight: 86.6

    € 32,70 € 72,95 -55.1685%

Your custom wheels shipped in 3 days!

Our complete stock of hubs, rims and spokes allow us to build and ship your wheelset in just 3 days.

Bikeonline's custom wheels are handbuilt by experienced hands following your needs. Every single step of wheelbuilding is supported by the best tools available, as P&K Lie wheel stand with decimal precision, Pillar spoke tension metre and special handtools, often built by our own to reach our needs for precision.

The use of the best parts on the market, the highly skilled labor force and years of experience has meant that Bikeonline become the reference for wheelbuilding service for prestigious Italian brands that refer to us to have a high level service, effective, fast and precise.

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